Computer Repair

Most computers are worth fixing. If it once ran fast, it can run fast again. And I never charge to look at it and give you a quote.

I can fix just about any problem, from speeding up a slow computer to diagnosing and replacing hardware.

Computer Clean-Ups: For $50 you can dramatically speed up your computer. Over the years I have perfected the computer clean-up to optimize and speed up a computer to almost brand new speeds. This clean-up includes basic virus removal.

Computer Virus Removal: All viruses are removable. Some are much harder than others and every one is a little different. In most cases it only costs $50 to remove more complex viruses such as the FBI virus & other ransom-ware.

Because of various computer models and various prices for those parts, I cannot publish specific prices for other repairs. Just call/text me and I can get you a quote based on your computer model. 605-350-6331