Wharton Computer Repair is always stocked with a wide selection of refurbished Laptops, Desktops and even tablets. All sales come with a complimentary warranty. I do my best to be assistance to you. I would be glad to show you how to use the computer and even make sure that you can get connected to the internet in your home.



Low End Computers: Our prices can range as low as $50-$150 for  more outdated/older laptops & desktops. These computers work well for simple functions such as word processing, light internet usage such as e-mail, news updates, weather updates, reading articles, etc. But are not intended for streaming online music, streaming online video,  gaming. (Other than light games such as solitaire, minesweeper, etc.)

Mid-Range Computers: Mid Range computers range from $150-$300. These Laptops and Desktops are great for everyday computing. Facebook, YouTube, videos, online streaming, music, light gaming, often times include a webcam for Skype, and DVD players/burners. These systems are likely not intended for advanced PC gaming, or programs with high processing needs such as video rendering or advanced photo editing.

Mid to High-End Computers: These Computers typically range from $300-$500. These Laptops & Desktops will likely meet your every computing need. Computers in this price range are suited for ALL of your online video and music streaming needs and entertainment. These systems are suited for basic computer gaming, as well as video rendering and photo editing. However not all systems in this price range are going to be suited for advanced computer gaming.

* Not every computer is the same. I will let you know the limitations of each computer and can help advise you to which system best fits your needs.


Wharton Computer Repair always has new laptop and desktop computers in stock. I would love to assist you in purchasing a new computer suited for your needs. Give me a call at 605-350-6331 and we can discuss what specs and options are best for you.

Custom Built:

Custom built computers are systems that are designed for you and your needs.

Gaming PCs  I know exactly what makes a great gaming PC. I custom order each component of the computer to meet your style, budget, and processing needs. Prices on custom built gaming PCs usually range from $800-$1500.

Business PCs Custom PC’s for business is a great way to get a quality machine with a great warranty and local support. Need lots of hard-drive space but don’t want to waste money on a processing power you don’t need? Or the opposite? This could be an affordable option for your business. Prices typically range from $800-$1000.